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About Us

We create mobile app based on the designing and system analysis. We developing applications for Android and Apple iOS.


What We Do

PAWGA & C° agency represents a cohesive team of digital designers, who has solid expertise in strategy and design thinking. We develop and improve design and communication systems, making your product as useful and in-demand as possible, and the brand image attractive and lively.

Our approach is aimed at ensuring consistent trust and reliable long-term partnership. We are proactive and always strive to help our customers continuously stay one step ahead of the market.

Programming experience

1. С++ — more than 10 years;
2. Java — more than 5 years.


1. Android and Apple iOS;
2. Linux and Microsoft Windows.


Support of developed applications and creation of promotional websites. Integrate mobile app with your website.


Order your own mobile application on the Android platform, quickly and inexpensively.
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We are creating mobile apps for different business areas. Every project we start with understanding business requirements and we offer effective solutions for solving the problems.


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